cute as a b*****

Three girls attempt to become internet famous through a boy band.


"westside!!!" shouts the man with a teacup tattooed on his arm

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liam is that girl on facebook who says “shit day. no one understands me. phone is off so no one text me” and then harry would comment “whats wrong???” and liam goes “text me.”

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"Louis texted me a few weeks ago saying 'I’m in Dubai and your song’s on the radio' I was like what! That’s just insane. I didn’t know it was playing in Dubai!”

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One Direction music videos

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One Direction - You & I (Big Payno Remix)

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Perrie and Zayn today 09.04.14 


Perrie and Zayn today 09.04.14 

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One Direction - You & I (Radio Edit)

You and I (Radio Edit). Source. Download link: Zippyshare

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